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Ecompapua Amazon Project

The objective of the project is to prevent the deforestation over 85’000-hectare area owned by Ecomapuá Conservação Ltda. Over a 30-year period (2003 to 2032), the project will result in 1’432’278 t. CO2e reductions in a subarea of 4’253 hectares.

In addition to preserving the forest, a portion of the revenue generated by the sale of emission certificates will be utilized to enhance the social and ecological conditions of the local population.

The Marajó island is a crucial priority for the Brazilian Ministry of Environment, and the Ecomapuá Amazon REDD project contributes to national nature conservation goals while also promoting further efforts to safeguard this invaluable ecosystem.

Carbon emission reduction
Annual CO2 emissions reduction in tonnes
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Project area in hectares
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30-year forest protection project.