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With the tangible ECO MOTIVE sticker and the digital ECO MOTIVE sticker, you are making a powerful statement for climate protection! Show your active support with passion and encourage others to also engage passionately in climate protection. Together, we can make a difference.


Compensate your annual carbon emissions generated from driving by supporting high-quality, certified climate protection projects and additionally contribute to sustainability projects both domestically and abroad. Together, we are steering towards a sustainable future and advocating for carbon-neutral mobility.
In addition, you will receive a unique ECO MOTIVE digital sticker, which serves as a digital certificate granting access to a community of like-minded individuals and sustainable experiences.
Our guarantee of absolute reliability and transparency is ensured by multiple oversight bodies, such as the renowned Internationale Forum der Nachhaltigkeit (IFN).

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ECO Motive Sticker

The ECO MOTIVE Sticker is more than a sticker. By attaching it to your vehicle, tablet, or other belongings, and by spreading your ECO MOTIVE digital sticker, for example, on social media, you are making a positive statement and turning climate protection into a widespread movement.

Let your enthusiasm for environmental and climate protection come alive and show the world your determination to stand up for it!

Our international climate protection projects (Offsetting 2.5 tons of CO2)


Klimaschutzprojekt Solarprojekt, Indien

Solar Park,

District Kurnool, India
annual carbon emission reduction in metric tonnes
Klimaschutzprojekt Biodiversitätsschutz, Indonesien

Biodiversity Conversation, Asia

Central Kalimantan Province, Indonesia
Klimaschutzprojekt Katingan, Indonesien

Katingan Project, Indonesia

Central Kalimantan, Indonesia
over 7 million
annual carbon emission reduction in metric tonnes
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"The perfect match"

Compensating for 2.5 tons of CO2 per year is by no means everything.

With the ECO MOTIVE Sticker, you also support sustainable aid projects directly in your home country. Together, we strengthen the development and protection of our countries. If you live in Switzerland, you know that your sticker supports a project in Switzerland. German and Austrian buyers can also rest assured that their own home country will be supported.

"The perfect match". With the tangible ECO MOTIVE Sticker and the digital ECO MOTIVE digital Sticker, which you receive as a free digital certificate with every purchase, we create a significant symbol that connects on the one hand, through visibility in the real and virtual world, and to create sustainable benefits and special experiences for our community.

Learn more about the respective national and international aid projects in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. More information.

Supporting national and international aid projects

Avoid, reduce, and offset your carbon footprint

By purchasing an ECO MOTIVE Sticker, you not only offset your own carbon footprint by 2.5 tons per year but also support national and international aid projects. The funds generated through sales are invested in high-quality, certified, and audited climate protection projects, which protect our forests and promote renewable energies. Forests are the second-largest natural carbon sink on our planet.

The carbon footprint is an essential tool to assess the impact of actions on the climate and averages 4.7 tons of CO2-equivalent per person per year worldwide. However, the differences are significant; for example, in 2021, the value was over 35 ton in Qatar and just under 2 tons in India. With the ECO MOTIVE Sticker, you offset 2.5 tons of CO2, based on the annual mileage of a European car driver of 15,000 kilometers, which has been generously rounded up from 2.1 tons of CO2.

Our Mission

In our mission, we prioritize the highest standards for absolute trustworthiness and transparency.

The concept of the ECO MOTIVE Sticker was developed in close collaboration with the renowned International Forum for Sustainability (IFN). Founded in 2019, this non-profit organization connects social, ecological, and economic aspects of sustainability with entrepreneurial action. The IFN not only monitors and oversees every step of carbon offsetting for us but also ensures the financial distribution according to internationally recognized ESG criteria. This way, we ensure that all supported projects act sustainably and responsibly. 

But that's not all. To ensure the highest level of security, we also have all processes reviewed by an independent auditing firm. We offer maximum transparency and complete integrity in every transaction. That's our promise to you.

Do you have a company fleet or field service employees and want to contribute to climate protection? We have the solution: our ECO MOTIVE Business Sticker.

The ECO MOTIVE Business Sticker is based on the same idea as the ECO MOTIVE Sticker. In addition to supporting an international project, it also supports an aid project in your home country.

ECO MOTIVE Business Sticker

The calculation of the corresponding carbon offset is based on higher annual mileage. The ECO MOTIVE Business Sticker offsets nearly 7 tons of CO2 per year per vehicle and covers an annual mileage of up to 50,000 km per company vehicle. The ECO MOTIVE Business Sticker is available starting from an investment of CHF/€ 158.60 per vehicle.

With your voluntary climate protection contribution, you finance projects that protect forests and promote renewable energies. Together, we work for a better world!

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