We support you everyday in the field of environmental and climate protection.

carbon-connect AG has been your passionate and dedicated partner in environmental and climate protection since 2013. Together with businesses and individuals, we work on implementing climate protection solutions at both national and international levels. ECO MOTIVE is a platform for private individuals and corporate customers who want to offset their CO2 emissions from their mobility. It offers users the opportunity to make a voluntary climate protection contribution. By purchasing our ECO MOTIVE stickers, you invest in a climate protection project. Making climate protection easy! Together, we support projects for renewable energy, forest protection and reforestation initiatives, as well as other climate protection programs that permanently reduce or store CO2.

Multiple oversight bodies, including the renowned Internationale Forum der Nachhaltigkeit (IFN) and the auditing firm of carbon-connect AG, monitor the CO2 offsetting and support for aid projects. This ensures that all aspects of our guarantee of reliability and transparency are upheld.

The Internationale Forum der Nachhaltigkeit (IFN) is a non-governmental organization (NGO) that operates in the social, ecological, and economic sectors. It promotes and supports various activities and initiatives, such as knowledge exchange and networking among experts, the promotion of sustainable projects, awareness-raising through events, as well as providing consultancy to businesses and organizations in the development of sustainable strategies. The IFN advocates for a holistic and integrated approach to sustainability in order to create a livable future for future generations.


The team behind ECOMOTIVE.ECO

Our team works tirelessly every day to support you in the field of environmental and climate protection. Together with our wonderful customers, we promote high-quality climate protection projects for a better future!

Order your ECO MOTIVE Sticker today and become an active creator.

ECO Motive Sticker

The ECO MOTIVE Sticker is more than a sticker. By attaching it to your vehicle, tablet, or other belongings, and by spreading your ECO MOTIVE digital sticker, for example, on social media, you are making a positive statement and turning climate protection into a widespread movement.

Let your enthusiasm for environmental and climate protection come alive and show the world your determination to stand up for it!

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