Here to support you every day in the areas of environmental and climate protection. is a brand and initiative of carbon-connect AG. Since 2013, carbon-connect AG is your passionate and committed partner in environmental and climate protection. We work together with companies and individuals to implement climate protection solutions at national and international levels. is a platform for individuals and corporate customer who want to offset their carbon emissions from mobility. It provides a way for users to take responsibility for their carbon footprint and contribute to climate action. By buying our climate stickers, you invest in a climate protection project which compensates your carbon footprint. Climate action made simple! Together we support renewable energy projects, forest protection and reforestation initiatives, and other carbon reduction programs which reduce and or store carbon (CO2).

What we do

  • Onestop platform: Climatepilot is a platform to offset mobility emissions.
  • Offset for all types of mobility: We provide you the possibility to offset your emissions produced by various modes of transport.
  • Tools and resources to help reduce emissions: Keep yourself updated through our blog to know more on how to reduce your emissions in the first place.
  • Become carbon-neutral: We help you become carbon-neutral.
Our achievements

Climatepilots around the world support us and have achieved great results

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times the annual carbon footprint
of a European
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Team members

The dream team behind
our initiative

Our team works hard to support you everyday in the area of environmental and climate protection, together with our awesome clients we support high quality impact climate protection projects for a better tomorrow!

Our partners

Partnering with companies to make the world a better place.