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The mobility platform to take climate action.

Offset your carbon emissions by becoming a climatepilot -
climate action made simple.

Offset your carbon footprint today!

The idea behind

A Climatepilot supports a climate protection project and offsets the carbon footprint of their mobility. Choose one or multiple modes of transport or activities and offset the carbon footprint! In the Business-to-consumer market we believe in simple solutions and methods and therefore use averages used in calculating carbon emissions produced by a particular activity. This we call climate action made simple.

1. Choose one or multiple modes of transport or activity you want to offset.

Our products and solutions range from cars to
space tourism!

2. Cancel out your mobility impact by supporting a climate protection project.

Your contributions finance climate protection projects.

3. Through this, your mode of transport is carbon neutral!

Through this you offset your carbon emissions and be carbon neutral!
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We have achieved great results

Our achievements

Climatepilots who support us are mainly from Switzerland, Germany and Austria. Our community is growing day by day and everybody is invited to join us.

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of a European
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About us

We are here to support you everyday in environmental and climate protection, for a better world.

Trees absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and store it in their biomass and in the soil, reducing the amount of greenhouse gas in the air. In fact, forests are estimated to absorb around one-third of all carbon emissions caused by human activities. Did you know that roughly 8 – 10 % of global carbon emissions are caused by deforestation?

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Join our community today and become a Climatepilot! is a brand of carbon-connect AG:
With our clients and partners we are making a positive Impact on our planet since 2013.

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