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If you buy a World Vision climate pilot sticker, we will donate half of the proceeds to our charity partner's bicycle project

World Vision Switzerland is the official charity partner of the climate pilot project, initiated by carbon-connect AG, Switzerland. If you buy a World Vision climate pilot sticker, we will donate half of the proceeds to the "Bicycles for Africa" project. As well as helping to protect the environment, we are thereby making a commitment to providing better access to education. Become a World Vision climate pilot and help children in Africa improve their chances of an education by owning a bicycle.

One of the main problems of education in Africa is not the education itself but the lack of access to it. Many children live in rural areas, often up to 20 kilometres away from the nearest school. Due to a lack of public transport and car-sharing options, many have to walk long distances to school and back again each day.

To improve this situation, World Vision Switzerland is providing these children with free bicycles. The success of the project is plain to see: not only do the children have more time for homework, but regular attendance and better punctuality also improves the standard of their school work.

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Wallisellen, Switzerland

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Zeiningen, Switzerland

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Würenlos, Switzerland

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Thalwil, Switzerland

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Zürich, Switzerland