• Tom Lüthi

    Motorcycle racer, MotoGP class

Leading the way

Tom Lüthi is setting an example: those who step on the gas should give something back

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Tom Lüthi is taking responsibility for the environment – 
by riding in a carbon-neutral manner

Tom Lüthi is setting an example: those who generate harmful emissions are responsible for offsetting them. This not only applies in the world of motorsports but also to private cars and motorcycles. Despite being a talented and highly successful motorcycle racer, Tom Lüthi has kept both feet firmly on the ground and not lost sight of the need to protect his and our environment. It's therefore no surprise that he's leading the way – by always riding in a carbon-neutral manner.

It's now easy to follow in Tom Lüthi's tracks: by buying a climate sticker, everyone can make their own contribution towards protecting the environment and offsetting the emissions generated by their car or motorcycle. Take part and become a member of our Tom Lüthi climate pilot gallery. As a reward for helping to offset CO2 emissions, you'll receive a sticker set from Tom Lüthi, identifying you as a climate pilot.

Thomas "Tom" Lüthi, born 1986 in Emmental, is Switzerland's most successful motorcycle racer for decades. He celebrated his first Grand Prix victory as a 19-year-old at the French GP in Le Mans, before clinching the world title on 6 November 2005 in Valencia in the 125 cm3 class, becoming the sixth youngest World Champion in history.


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