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carbon-connect AG is a pioneer and provider in the area of voluntary measures for offsetting CO2 emissions.

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    Klimaschutzprojekte im Amazonas

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Everybody can join in.
Everybody should join in. For the sake of the environment!

carbon-connect AG is headquartered in Zurich (Volketswil) and has specialised in voluntary measures aimed at offsetting CO2 emissions. It calculates carbon footprints and advises companies on the topics of climate protection and climate change, increasing their awareness of these issues in the process. In the form of the climate pilot label, the Swiss company has intentionally created a simple way for private individuals to become active in this area themselves – and ideally straight away.

Climate change and its consequences are among the biggest challenges of the 21st century. The effects will impact us all. carbon-connect AG shows companies the most appropriate and efficient ways to neutralise their CO2 emissions and become carbon-neutral as a business.

Using the revenues from the offsetting measures, carbon-connect AG develops and supports climate protection projects around the world and advocates real climate protection. This includes, for example, supporting the replacement of fossil fuels and combustibles through renewable energies, the implementation of energy-efficiency measures and reforestation projects aimed at offsetting CO2 emissions.

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Acting alone we must accept the status quo. Together we can change the world! You can also become a climate pilot via our partners:

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Climatepilots Carbon-Connect (CC)

Michael Blättler

Remigen, Switzerland

Dominic Füglister

Lindau, Switzerland

Martina Engel

Kirchdorf AG, Switzerland

Rolf Marc Rütsche

Kirchdorf AG, Switzerland

Jeremy Wikler

Zurich, Switzerland

Christian Würth

Seewen, Switzerland