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We drive 100% climate neutral

Alfa Romeo Racing has been fully carbon-neutral since 2012

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A partnership for the environment:
carbon-connect AG is Promotional Partner of

Alfa Romeo Racing

According to the 2014 environmental report, Alfa Romeo Racing overall carbon footprint was reduced by 2.8%. carbon-connect AG became a promotional partner of the Alfa Romeo Sauber Racing team in January 2015. With its help, the greenhouse gas emissions are first calculated and subsequently neutralised accordingly. Alfa Romeo Sauber Racing has been fully carbon-neutral for six years.

In addition to the direct greenhouse gas emissions (scope 1 according to the GHG Protocol of WRI and WBCSD), the indirect emissions were also calculated in 2014. These include the most important impacts from third-party services. Furthermore, since 2015 the existing calculation methods have been being checked and revised with the help of carbon-connect AG.

carbon-connect AG shows responsible companies and individuals the most direct and efficient way to neutralise their CO2 emissions and become carbon-neutral.


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Climatepilots Alfa Romeo Racing (CC)

Michel Thür

Zollikerberg, Switzerland

Alfred Koster

St. Gallen, Switzerland

Jürgen Heibl

Adetswil, Switzerland

Volker Gerling

Hilversum, Netherlands

Königin vom Zürichberg

Zürich, Switzerland

Rolf Matsch

Hinwil, Switzerland