• 1.  Buy a
    climate sticker

  • 2.  Offset
    2,5 tonnes of CO2

  • 3.  Drive for one year
    in a fully carbon-neural manner

Become a climate pilot

Buy a climate sticker

By buying a climate sticker, you become a climate pilot for one year. You can choose between several sticker sets from our partners. In addition to offsetting their CO2 emissions, all climate pilots receive their own online profile in our climate-pilot gallery.

Select sticker set

In return for your commitment, you receive a sticker set of your choice from one of our partners. Simply select your favourite during the order process – and the stickers will be sent to you by post. This allows you to show other motorists how conscientious driving works.

Upload photo

After placing your order, you will receive your login data for the climate-pilot gallery, where you can upload a photo of yourself or your car. After doing so, you can then also add comments.

Order now

(You will be forwarded to www.carbon-connect.ch to make the purchase.)

How we protect the climate

The climate pilot label is an initiative of the Swiss company carbon-connect AG, which has successfully specialised in the offsetting of CO2 emissions. The initiative allows for CO2 emissions from cars and motorbikes to be offset or compensated for via an internationally recognised and verified climate protection project. On average, each car emits 1.9 tonnes of CO2 every year. By buying a climate sticker, every climate pilot offsets 2.5 tonnes of CO2 for a year.

The main activity and objective of the REDD APD Projekt project in the Brazilian Amazon – which we support – is to stop the planned deforestation and preserve the virgin forest in all of its diversity. The project is also committed to the sustainable use of wood, which protects the biodiversity of virgin forest. The project covers five areas of virgin forest with a total area of 209,130 hectares: Rio Capim, Poty, Cauaxi, Sumal and Cacule. Within the next ten years, the project will offset almost 9,500,000 tonnes of CO2.